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The About Page

Why you need an About page: 

Your about page is the place where people get to know why you do what you do and what’s important to you. I always click on the About page first, after the home page – think about your own actions. Do you do this too?

Your about page should be tailored to what your VBVs are looking for. Think about the level of personal interest a potential client or consumer might have, in regards to knowing more about you. Will knowing more about your personal journey help close a sale? (Ugh, I am sorry about that phrase.) If yes, then it’s time to get personal!

What’s important to have on an About page:

  • Who you are, and who anyone else who works with you is
  • What you do or what you sell
  • Why you do what you do or sell what you sell
  • When you started this venture or when you knew it was the time to start – depending on your VBV
  • Where you are located or where you make your products
  • How the business came to be

Alternate About Page Titles

  • Our Story
  • About Us
  • About (Your Name)
  • Our Company


Your about page might be an About section on your website. If you have a lot of information to share that might fall under the About tab, consider breaking it up into multiple pages, such as History, Team, Why Us?

About Page Exercises

5 Things

What are 5 things you want your VBV to know about you? Or 5 things you want your VBV to know about your product?

They could be personal things, professional things, wild accomplishments… Things you’d never thought you’d do. Things you didn’t know. Things you wish you knew. Secret weapons. That sort of thing. Variations might include: just 3 things. 3 lists of 3 things. 10 things.


Revisit the WHY exercise in Chapter 8. Pull out the strong points and weave them into your about page.

I Believe…

I believe… starts with a list. It can easily be woven into paragraph form by linking your beliefs together. To start, simply list things that you believe. Set a timer if you want, and just keep writing. You can whittle them down to the pertinent ones after.

You might write about your beliefs about life. About the things you must do in life. About the best thing it is you bring to your business. About how you help people.

Think grand! Or tiny. “I believe” is a powerful, you-centered statement that carries a lot of weight. Let it do the heavy lifting for you.

Professional Accomplishments / Personal Accomplishments

Separate the professional from the personal. This is a great way to tell people all about those things you’ve done without overwhelming them. The professional comes first to help you prove yourself and your skills, followed by the personal so they can get to know how interesting you are!

The Garden Path

This is the tale of where you are now and how you got there. Where did you grow up? Why did you leave? What would take you back? Where have you been since? Why?

If your journey has had a lot of twists and turns that have formed you into the person you are now, this might be a good About page for you.

Weekday / Weekend Bio

Another compare/contrast about page, framed around the days of the week. You could list what you on each day (on Fridays, you’ll find me volunteering at the animal shelter) or take the simple weekday/end approach.

During the week I… On the weekends you’ll find me… On Sunday mornings, I…


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Other Questions to Answer

What kind of story do you want to tell? About you? About your company?


What images do you want to include?


Content from Part 2 you’d like to use


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