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The Portfolio Page

Why you need it:

If you offer any sort of custom work, you need a portfolio to showcase the work.

What’s important to have on it:

  • Images! Your VBVs need to see what you’ve done in order to know if they want to hire you!
  • If you’re quoting clients you’ve worked/with in the past, include a link to their website. Otherwise, it looks like you’ve paid people to say nice things about you. And that doesn’t bring more sales!
  • Descriptions: A little bit about what the project involved. If it has a life on the web, make sure to link to it.

Alternate Names:

  • Our Work
  • My Work
  • See the Work
  • Past Projects
  • Projects
  • Showcase



Meta Description:________________________________

Page Title & H1:________________________________


Menu/Nav Bar Links:________________________________

Internal Links:________________________________

External Links:________________________________

Call to Action:________________________________


Header 1: ________________________________

Header 2: ________________________________

Header 3: ________________________________

Other Questions to Answer

Will your porfolio be divided up into sections? If yes, what are they?


For each project, list:

  • Project
  • Project Image
  • Project description
  • Project details


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