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The Services Page

Why you need a Services page:

If you offer services, you need this page!

What’s important to have on it:

  • A list of your services with descriptions.
  • Prices – somewhat controversial. Being type A, I want to know the cost, or at least a starting point. Ever watch Say Yes to the Dress? And get really mad when the consultant brings in a dress waayyy out the of budget and THAT’s the one the bride falls in love with? Don’t do that to your VBV.

Alternate Names:

  • What We Offer
  • What I Offer
  • Work With Us
  • Work With Me
  • Offerings

Package Offerings and the Goldilocks Principle

Offering packages is often the best way to give your clients all of the items they need to be successful, at a price point they can afford. With packages, you avoid bad outcomes when a client chooses the wrong components for the outcome they want.

If you do decide to package up your services, it’s a smart decision to offer three tiers – no more, no less. You’ll find that with three categories, everyone can find something to fit juuuust right. Tier one, the least expensive, is great for the budget conscious. Tier two will fit best for most people – they will decide that they do not want the least expensive and cannot afford the most expensive. And Tier 3 is for those who always want the best.

I like to think of this as the Goldilocks Principle: some will want less, some will want more, but for the most part, the middle will be juuust right. This gathering around the middle can also be explained by the most common form of distribution in statistics: the bell curve, also called a normal distribution, in which there are some people on either end of the curve, but the majority find what they need in the middle

For your consideration: if you offer two very specific, yet different services, it is probably in your best interest to create a separate page for each service.


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Other Questions to Answer

What services are you offering?


Any other content from Part 2 you’d like to use:


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If you offer services, you might want to consider these pages:

  • Pricing Rates: list your prices and/or rates!
  • Process: lay out your process, so that your VBV can see what it will be like to work with you.


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