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The Start Here Page

Why you need  a Start Here page:

This is a newish one in the web world. A Start Here page can give first time VBVs a very concrete, direct, simple place to start. If they are new VBVs, there is a high likelihood of them clicking on a START HERE menu icon. This page is much more useful for a business that offers services or customizable products because it starts the process.

Have you ever clicked on a Start Here page? Why? What did you find?

What’s important to have on it:

  • A welcome – it’s for NEW VBVs
  • A quick overview
  • Short service or product list
  • Steps to take next

Alternate Names: none


Keyword: ________________________________

Meta Description: ________________________________

Page Title & H1: ________________________________

URL: ________________________________

Menu/Nav Bar Links: ________________________________

Internal Links: ________________________________

External Links: ________________________________

Call to Action: ________________________________


Header 1: ________________________________

Header 2: ________________________________

Header 3: ________________________________

Other Questions to Answer

What type of image do you envision?


Supplementary images?


Content from Part 2 you’d like to use


Full Content for page here:


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