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The Testimonials Page

Why you need it:

Do you work with people or companies? Have they said nice things about you and your process or products? Then you need a testimonials page. Testimonials are perfect form of social proof on the web.

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is evidence that others have made this choice before, and it has worked out well for them. Testimonials act as a form of social proof on the web because you get to hear from past users and their experiences. The more detailed information you can give about the person giving the testimonial to make them seem real to your VBVs, the stronger the influence will be. That’s why names and photos are important! It makes the testimonial seem more real.

What’s important to have on it:

  • Full name
  • Link to website or LinkedIn to show that they are real people!
  • Photo, if at all possible
  • Short 3-5 sentence testimonial, with the most important one bolded.
  • Use quote marks!

Tricky Testimonials

Testimonials can get tricky with some areas – most of the time, the above applies. But in certain situations, full names and links might not be a wise idea (think mental health professions). When you can’t use the full name of a patient for confidentiality or HIPAA reasons, simply use what you feel comfortable with and what will still serve your VBV. Sometimes, testimonials can be completely anonymous, though I advise against this in most situations.

Alternate Names:

  • What People Say
  • Kind Words
  • From Our Clients
  • Reviews



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Other Questions to Answer

Do you have the testimonials you want to include?


Do you have permission to use them?


Do you have photos you can use as well?


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