About the Creator of The POW Method™

Who am I to be telling you what to write and how to write it?

So glad you asked! I’m Linda Misiura, owner/designer at Ruby Red Design Studio, and I’ve been building websites for businesses like yours for close to 9 years. This almost-decade has taught me that the NUMBER ONE thing that will hold up a website project is (drumroll, please!): content.

Every website needs words and images and almost everyone struggles to drum them up. That’s because you probably wouldn’t ever choose “Writer” in the occupation drop-down menu.

But just because you wouldn’t label yourself as such, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to write things for your business! Nor does it mean that you are incapable of writing your content. You just need a little guidance, and that’s where this book should come into play.

Even though you might not identify yourself as I writer, I do! Here’s why: I have a BA in English (1), Communication (2), and Writing (3) and an MA in Interactive Media (4).

That means I’m schooled in:

(1) what good literature is

(2) how to send info from one person to another CLEARLY

(3) how to organize and structure strong arguments and grab attention through words, and

(4) what the media looked in like the past and how that’s likely to change in the future (including on the web).

In this book, I’ve distilled all my academic knowledge and stirred in my practical, real world knowledge to create a short(ish) book. Hopefully, this book will help you cut through your crazy, hectic, entrepreneurial mind and help you write your content, quickly.

It’s short, simple, and to the point – just like your web content needs to be. Word of warning: you won’t be writing in Part 1: Prepare, and will only be making lists in Part 2: Organize. When we get to Part 3, that’s when the real writing will start.

But: please don’t skip Prepare and Organize. Without those steps, you’ll be struggling instead of sailing when you hit WRITE!

Grab yourself a mug of something hot or a glass of something iced

and let’s jump into the first letter of POW – Part 1: Prepare.


The POW Method™ Copyright © 2017 by Linda Misiura. All Rights Reserved.

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