About The POW Method™

The POW Method™ is a three-step process that gives you the structure and know-how to write your own web content – content that is useful AND friendly.

I’ve been using The POW Method™ in one form or another, since about the 8th grade, though it wasn’t called such (more on who “I” am in the next chapter). You might have learned a similar way to write papers: research, outline, write. The POW Method™ expands on the basic principles of how to write, adding in some of the research for you, plus prompts and exercises to help you gather information, and provides you with a simple outline to help you actually write your website content.

Along the way, you’ll learn useful tricks and tips to make your writing more approachable and easily understood. Sound good?

If you skipped the TOC, the three parts break down like this:

PART 1: Prepare

WHO Is This Website For?
WHAT Is Web Content?
WHY Do You Need a Website?
WHEN Do You Need a Website?
WHERE Will Your Website Live?
HOW Do You Get a Website?

PART 2: Organize

The Location: Creating a Sense of Place on Your Website
The Goods: Showcasing your Product or Service
The Checkout: Making it Easy to Make a Purchase

PART 3: Write!

How to Write for the Web
The SEO Page Framework for Ranking in Google
Common Web Pages & Suggested Content



The POW Method™ Copyright © 2017 by Linda Misiura. All Rights Reserved.

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