Getting Started

Writing your web content isn’t difficult. But figuring out WHERE to start can be. Should you start with:

The home page?
What goes on the home page?
How will I make sure my SEO is good?
What is SEO, really?
Must I include a photo of myself?
What about my education credentials?
The catalog of all the items we offer?
Do I need a photo of each and every item?

…and before you know it, you’re doing your business taxes, even though April is months away. Because even taxes seem less complicated to your brain than writing your web content.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Writing your web content isn’t difficult. (Yes, that is an exact copy of the first sentence of this book.) It just takes your tush in a chair, a method, and a starting point.

Let’s start there, at the starting point. I’ll assume you’re already sitting down. And, don’t worry — we’ll get to the method, the one touted on the cover of this book, in a few paragraphs.

The Starting Point: A Major Problem & a Magic Wand

As a small business owner, you have one major problem: you can’t read minds. It’s why products, online courses, and creative projects fail far more often than you expect them to.

But you also have magic wand: communication.

When you communicate clearly and effectively, it’s almost as if you’re reading the minds of your clients and customers. They feel like you are inside their heads (in a Glinda the Good Witch kind of way, making problems disappear with the wave of a wand) and they like it. People like to be seen, heard, and understood. And when they find a company or a product or a guru who gets them, they want in.

That’s all your web content really is: clear, effective communication.

Which brings us right to the front steps of The POW Method™. 

Let’s dive in.


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