PART 2: Organize

Welcome to Part 2 of The POW Method™! In this section of the book, we will be examining, gathering, and organizing your thoughts and words on:

The Location: Creating a Sense of Place on Your Website
The Goods: Showcasing Your Product or Service
The Checkout: Making It Easy to Make a Purchase

But first:

Three Essential Questions

When you land on a webpage, any webpage, there are three questions swirling through your mind:

  1. Am I in the right place?
  2. Do they have what I want?
  3. How do I get it?

Your VBV has these three questions, too! And it’s your number one job to answer them, in that order, or your VBV will be clicking away to a new site in no time. We’ll examine each of these questions in depth, one per chapter.


Each chapter has several exercises to complete, so before you get started, fetch a notebook and a good pen, or go download the worksheets from

TIME TO COMPLETE: 75 minutes



The POW Method™ Copyright © 2017 by Linda Misiura. All Rights Reserved.

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