PART 3: Write!

P and O are behind you now, which just leaves W: WRITE!

Always with an exclamation! If you sit down to write with dread, that dread will seep down your arms and through your fingers and into your words. And dread is not on the positive feelings list.

In Part 3 we’ll explore:

  • Rules for Writing on the Web
  • The SEO Page Framework (aka: How to Rank in Google)
  • Common Web Pages and What Goes on Them

Some Unsolicited Advice:

Before you start this section, make sure you’re in a good mood. Call your person who always makes you laugh. Treat yourself to something from the bakeshop. Go for a short run.

It’s not procrastination – it’s preparation. Find your flow, your mojo, your writing groove – whatever you want to call it. When you’re in a good mood and ready to write, you’ll write better and more easily.

So, hop to it! Go find your good mood and then come back. I’ll be waiting, so don’t take too long…


Each chapter has several exercises to complete, so before you get started, fetch a notebook and a good pen, or go download the worksheets from

TIME TO COMPLETE: no less than 120 minutes


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